Dance to the Music of Your Soul, written by celebrated and world-renowned internist and nephrologist, Zahra Tabassian, M.D., is a book for all ages and is a critical thesis outlining a revolutionary methodology that is destined to transform the modern health care system, both domestically and abroad.

Dance to the Music of Your Soul, DTMS, highlights the inevitable and immutable truism that the soul, more than other components to the human dynamic, is fundamental to good health and the outcomes of people to enjoy positive destinies in their lives.

Dr. Tabassian stresses in her thesis that one must embrace their passionate “Inner Beauty”, the driving and core guidance for the soul, in order to create euphoric unconditional love and manifest the best of all positive results for every one of us struggling with the vicissitudes of daily life.

Dance to the Music of Your Soul addresses the magic of life and its miraculous presence in the universe which allows us to perceive and joyfully acknowledge consciousness. The foreknowledge that we are all far more than just physical entities on a plane of temporary existence is the mandate that Dr. Tabassian’s soulful ideology embraces. It emphasizes and marries both the spiritual world of a quantum connection to the “nuts and bolts” realities of fighting off diseases like diabetes, the root cause of CKD – chronic kidney disease – her specialty. In implementing this joyful method through dance and music to elevate an individual’s health destiny, Dr. Tabassian achieves the nearly impossible: Offering us the  most under-utilized human potential – the biggest gift of creation – the ability to literally create our own destiny by way of our euphoric dreams.

Far from being yet another woo-woo tome of mysticism fusing new-age rhetoric with “fake medical science”, Dance to the Music of Your Soul offers incisive guidance to the reader which is transformative for those afflicted with a myriad of health conditions – and for those who enjoy good health already – but are prepared to take the next step to achieving collective consciousness and spiritual connectivity in a quantum multi-verse of unlimited potential!

Dr. Zahra Tabassian is a 30-year veteran to the medical field, and a double-board certified nephrologist (kidney specialist) from UCLA. She is an international public figure who has taken her message around the globe; her weekly radio show through KRLA has reached untold numbers of listeners whose lives have been transformed by her guidance, unconditional love and medical expertise.

Dance to the Music of Your Soul is the first in a series of books dealing with the innate potential of knowing gifted to our very cells, especially the multi-potential stem cells, through our highly individualized Inner Beauty. Dance to the Music of Your Soul awakens the Inner Beauty and primes you for tapping into a collective consciousness within a quantum connection, able to assimilate the blueprint of your awakened Inner Beauty. Dance to the Music of Your Soul is the fastest and most enticing way of actualizing “with God in us, all things become possible.”

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