All my credentials and all my board certifications mean very little if I am unable to utilize them to bring health, happiness and prosperity to the patients and the public at large.

Dr. Zahra Tabassian M.D.

Dr. Zahra Tabassian entered Tehran University in Iran at the age of sixteen in 1977 and arrived in the United States in 1985. She commenced her internship and residency training with honors at the prestigious Long Island Jewish Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and completed her fellowship training with distinction in the sub-specialty of nephrology (kidney disease) at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles in 1992.

Dr. Tabassian is double-board certified in internal medicine and nephrology by the American Board of Internal Medicine. She is on the staff of many hospitals in the community, and is in private practice as an internist and nephrologist.

Dr. Tabassian does not subscribe to strictly conventional practices of medicine, predicated on cold numbers and statistics. She takes less a forensic view to healthcare and more of a spiritual approach, emphasizing prevention and reversal of disease. She does it through her methodology, ”Dance to the Music of Your Soul.” She focuses on the causative nature of disease, especially diabetes and kidney disease, and the reasons why dialysis is even necessary at all when it could be preventible and in certain cases, reversible.

Dr. T’s concentration remains fixed on her passionate conviction that by bringing the “wholeness” of the individual to the forefront of importance through unconditional love, and the version “with God in us all things become possible”, the disease process can be fully arrested and even reversed.

Doctor T. teaches people to think ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to their health constitution. She gives them necessary and critical information and inspires them to believe in themselves, and their ability to control their own health destinies.

Utilizing the physical and spiritual effect of Dance to the Music of Your Soul, Dr. Tabassian has been able to not only improve the health of countless patients who were suffering from chronic kidney disease, but also to prevent the development of diabetes from its cocoon stage called pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is currently affecting one out of two Americans. Diabetes is the main cause of kidney failure in this country. Pre-diabetes and diabetes have affected more than half the population of the United States and these numbers continue to increase exponentially.

Dance to the Music of Your Soul embodies a methodology of joyful movement married to empowering spiritual conviction. Dr. Tabassian has proven unless the patients’ own belief in their healing power and ability to envision it is not stimulated, they can’t put a stop to obesity and diabetes. These two killers are the culprits of kidney failure so very prevalent in our contemporaneous stress-afflicted society. She empowers her patients to envision, believe and do the right things – all of which are the foundation for prevention and reversal of disease.

Her mandate begins with: “dance to the music of your soul, love … recognize that your body has the knowing that “with God in us all things become possible.”

Believing in the individual’s innate ability to heal and reverse the process of chronic kidney disease through euphoric unconditional love, Dr. Tabassian educates, inspires and compels the individual to activate their own healing power. In this way, Dr. T. has taken many individuals off of dialysis and many more have enjoyed a life of not having to start this process, contrary to common medical practices of today.

She takes pride in taking people off of dialysis rather than subjecting them to this burdensome protocol. Dr. T. imbues in her patients the faith and trust in the body’s healing power that is born within each of them. Uncommon in today’s medical world, she helps her patients to create new mindsets that enable them to make better decisions and change their health destinies for the better.