Angel Kidney Care Dialysis Prevention Unit

Not a common practice in today’s medicine, Angel Kidney Care Dialysis Prevention Unit has an eye for safely taking patients off of dialysis.

This facility has 20 stations. It provides a standard schedule regimen of three times a week for dialysis treatment to patients who have very minimal or no kidney function on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 7am to 4 pm. This unit also provides partial dialysis to patients who would be better off having this treatment less frequently.

At Angel Kidney Care Dialysis Prevention Unit, many patients who have been started on dialysis who still have some remedial kidney function and are in the recovery stage, are safely taken off of dialysis. This gives the kidneys a chance to enjoy the opportunity for recovery and to eschew dialysis instead of remaining on this regimen indefinitely.
The motto at Angel Kidney Care Dialysis Unit is: “Dialysis doesn’t need to be a life sentence.” It all depends on the individual’s state of disease and their ability to follow the protocols of Dance Away Dialysis Therapy.
After the passage of many years, a good number of Dr. Tabassian’s patients who have been taken off of dialysis still continue to experience good health without utilization of this treatment.
When dialysis treatment was needed, some patients, only required partial dialysis. Dr. T’s goal is to protect health by prevention of disease, especially diabetes, which is the number one cause of kidney failure and dialysis dependency.
At this facility, successful cessation of dialysis either by its rapid termination in the right candidates or gradual termination in some other cases, is regularly practiced. To protect the remaining kidney function in some individuals who cannot completely disengage themselves from dialysis, partial dialysis treatments are offered. These individuals under healthy dietary and lifestyle intervention, receive dialysis less frequently (twice per week). This modality helps protect the remaining function of the patient’s kidneys and improves the quality of life in many of these patients. New lifestyles and dietary habits as per Dance to the Music of Your Soul protocols, are joyfully and effortlessly instilled in the individual.
Angel Kidney Care Dialysis Prevention Unit accepts the most extreme and most dire of patients in the community; if not able to take the patients completely off of dialysis, this facility converts them to the healthiest of extant dialysis patients.

Doctor Tabassian’s Method: Dance to the Music of Your Soul (DTMS)

Dance to the Music of Your Soul espouses the immutable fact that we are more than just the physical body comprised of mind, body and soul. This method believes that inner happiness and the wholeness of the individual can activate their innate ability to heal. Utilizing the music of your soul, this method (DTMS) marries science and faith and empowers patients’ inherent  healing capabilities within the context of “with God all things become possible”. In this way, patients get a vision for recovery first and then joyfully adopt new mindsets.

Dance to the Music of Your Soul offers unconditional love to individuals that are unafraid of facing their respective challenges who are able to adopt new strategies in combating and vanquishing their disease.

This method leads to creation of unconditional love and the ability to connect with higher levels of consciousness and possibility, where in fact, “with God in us all things become possible”. Believing in the innate ability of the individual to heal and renew him or herself, this method creates a true sense of happiness (inner happiness) in the individuals who are stress-free and enjoys their true selves.

This method puts the patient in the driver’s seat of their health destiny and allows them to create unlimited mindsets through their euphoric dreams which facilitate expectation of the desires of their heart.

Dr. Tabassian’s Medical Practice

Kidney failure and dialysis are strongly associated with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In fact, cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death in the dialysis population. Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in the United States and chronic kidney disease (CKD) has affected almost 50 million Americans.

Dr. Tabassian takes care of the root cause of these serious epidemics by focusing on correction of silent inflammation, which is the culprit of many chronic illnesses of today. Patients enjoyably lose weight in a stress free enviornment and restore their health.

It is scientifically proven that protecting the kidneys’ ability to produce urine has strong cardio-protective value. protection of remaining kidney function is the main objective in this medical practice.

We believe, “with God in us and our patients all things become possible”.

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